Erotique Noire

Beyond the Dreamtime

by Xavier

'Twas early morn with us discussing
Those dreams that kindled
This day soft with misty dewdrops
The delicate gentleness of goose feather days

Your voice of youthful fire & desire
Comes without leaving footprints
On my path, gone the turmoil,
The tumult of the night before

When the dream time ended, thus am I
Captured in your wonderous undertow
The whirling aftermath of
Emotions spoken for?

Thou well of deep waters tasted
What is written upon your face now
Is it pain, or plain to see,
Visible to all who spy the night skies

Then must I speak it
Need I say it
What more is required
Of me in tribute to you

Obvious isn't it
Why need I speak now
Beyond the dream time
With the day descending upon us

©2000 FXH November 17


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