Erotique Noire

A Chance Encounter

by Mark E. Christian

A chance encounter, a casual introduction, an implausible suggestion.
A vision so subtle, it nearly escapes perception; that two yet unknown might become one.

An unpretentious beauty, whose only indulgence to vanity,
is in its refusal to remain unacknowledged.

Skin. Smooth, warm and dark, like mahogany basking in a summer solstice.

Eyes. Deep and beguiling. Neither translucent nor impenetrable,
inviting exploration without expectation.

A touch. Familiar as a Sunday morning, yet uncharted as any new dawn.
Promising much, yet revealing nothing before its due season.

A kiss. Lips full, firm, and moist. Unassuming and unadorned in their presentation.
Provocative in their connotation. Uniquely sensual in their application.

Passion. Spontaneous and engulfing. Flickering anxiously and nervously, consuming
propriety. Ignited by either a convergence of circumstance, or the forethought of
seduction. Perhaps neither and both at once.

Nature's greatest glory is revealed. Essences intermingle as a setting eastern sun melts
into a shimmering western horizon. Rhythmically, poetically yearning toward the mutual
fruition of a shuddering Soul's release. Perfect and complete.

A new day beckons, filled with uncertainty, yet offering no apologies, bearing no regrets.
The smile of the new dawn bears witness to an epiphany.
A revelation of all the possibilities which sprung from...
A chance encounter, a casual introduction, an implausible suggestion.
That two yet unknown might become one.

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