Erotique Noire

Because of You

by NxDegree

Because of you
Each letter that comes from my pen
in your honor
bares more love than the one preceded

Because of you
Each heartbeat has new meaning
Because each thrust of blood
that leaves my heart and flows through my body
allows me to spend one more moment with you
Allows me to discover
one more reason to love you even more

Because of you
All I've ever perceived as being beautiful
has been redefined
Because you have become my point of reference
and the standard by which
all that my eyes see shall be judged
So as of this writing
I shall remove the word beauty
from my vocabulary and thoughts
and name every vision of breath taking wonder
after you!

Because of you
what I once knew as ecstasy has been reduced
to a dim light in the fathomless universe of your existence
Because I have yet to find a word created by man
that could accurately describe
what you create in me
when we are within the throes of passion
The sensations, mastery of movements,
your kisses, and your taste
How delicious and delectable your flavor is to me
Your essence upon my tongue
Your scent upon my face
Together they sing glorious melodies of our past
Somtimes I wonder are you beyond human
But one thing I am certain of
Every thought that makes its presence known to me
every impulse that flows through me
regarding love is
Because of you!

Submitted by Purrfitfit

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