Erotique Noire

A Winter's Night Tale

by David

The veiled clouds waifed ever so slowly through the starlit night.
A brilliant moon smiled down with a foreboding glee.
The crisp late winter chill echoed out for a new resolution to spring.
However, it was the seclusion from any and all kindred hearts
that brought us closest to nature?s soul,
a soul guiding us along a pathway to our predestined tryst.

Nestled under an erect fir, supported by a blanket of snow smoothed flat,
our bodies laid embrace,
intertwined like a bougainvillea bush
branching its way towards a midday sun.

We held our goblets up high
as we toasted to the beginning of a prodigious night,
savoring each wishful taste from the darkened, dream inducing Merlot.

We gazed into one another?s eyes,
and sensed each other?s thoughts the very first moment
our breathes braced as one.

Our lips touched ever so gently,
and our first kiss lingered
like an ancient time traveler?s ongoing pursuit
of the perfect universe.

Our bodies became one as we melted
into an eruption of cataclysmic bliss,
as the backdrop of a cold winter?s night cooled our dampened skins.

We reflected upon the moment at hand,
and agreed this was the gateway to the path less traveled.
A path that would soon be discovered.

Passions in Poetry

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