Erotique Noire

A Night Of True Love

by Maria Nicastro

Staring up at the sky looking into the deepness.
My mind is drifting getting lost in the burning diamonds
shining their light upon me.
They radiate the love and passion
I feel deep inside myself right now.

I yearn for you to be with me tonight.
I savor each sensual kiss that bonds us.
Tonight, for the first time,
I am balanced between love and happiness.
My body aches for your tender touch.
I have to be honest, you're the only man I've ever wanted.

Feeling your warm soft breath on my neck
as you whisper sweet words
I've been longing to hear you say.
Words that prove the love you possess for me.

Moving together in synch as we become one body...
one heart, one soul--- one being.
The tension and pleasure that was built up between us,
now is released in a single massive explosion.

Soft cries and muffled words are the only sounds
that can be heard as we fall together
against the comfort of the bed.
The only blankets we use are each others arms
drowning into the peaceful hush of slumber.

Passions in Poetry

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