Erotique Noire


Please feel free to come and join me in one of my quiet pleasures – eroticism.

"Eroticism...the powerful life force within us from which spring desire and creativity and our deepest knowledge of the universe. The life force that flows like an inscrutable tide through all things, linking man to woman, man to man, woman to woman, bird to flower, and flesh to spirit. Our ancestors taught us this in their songs of love, their myths of creation, their celebration of birth, and their rituals of initiation. Desire. Pleasure. Wholeness."
Erotique Noire - Black Erotica

Erotique Noire literally means Black Erotica. This site was designed to display a few of the Black erotic works that I have come across that I have enjoyed immensely.

Most of the works that are featured have been written by Black authors or authors of Black descent. Noticed I said most...there are a few written by non-Black writers. I guess it just goes to show that erotic is erotic despite ethnicity. So then why not change the name of the site? Because I enjoy the sound of Erotique Noire. There's something about it that makes me think of mysticism and deep sensuality, forbidden fruit and delicate tastes, passionate kisses and soft caresses! All those little pleasures I get from erotica.

Note that these works are erotic -- NOT pornographic. Please look for pornography someplace else. I have worked hard at selecting works that are not vulgar or obscene. Having said that, some may still feel that a few of the works are a bit "mature"; use your own discretion. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

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